At Nutter Racing Engines, we have a long history of developing and  building winning race engines for a wide range of applications.  We don't provide "crate engines"; we are a custom engine builder.

In addition to winning race engines, we also build top-class street engines, ranging from the big V8's to immensely-powerful turbocharged DOHC 1.8-liter inline-4 cylinder engines. One of our most popular specialties is the GM Gen-4 "LS" engine. We routinely produce streetable 7-liter (427 CI) LS engines that are dyno-proven at over 610 lb-ft of torque and over 520 HP.

We use our knowledge about engines, over 35 years of winning experience, state-of-the-art engine machinery along with our associations with pre-eminent cam designers, cylinder-head designers and specialty equipment manufacturers, to produce dominating race engines, year after year. Our dynos are calibrated to reality, not to produce impressive (but fictional) numbers. Our engines consistently outperform those from other builders, both on the TRACK and on OUR dyno.

Our suite of leading-edge machinery includes: a SuperFlow dyno with computerized data recording, a computerized SuperFlow airflow bench for cylinder head development, a 5-axis CNC cylinder head porting system, the most accurate valve guide, valve seat, engine block and connecting rod preparation machinery, the finest surfacing, honing, and engine balancing equipment, and more.

Early Hemi Race Engine

Here is a summary of the major types of engines we build:

In response to the growing interest in vintage flathead V8 engines, we have expanded our Ford Flathead engine program to encompass like-new stock restorations as well as competition and modified flathead V8's featuring high-quality contemporary parts, and reaching nearly 300 cubic inches of displacement (299.7 CI at 3.375 x 4.188). We work with "21-stud" engines, "24-stud" engines, 8-BA's, 8-RT's, and the Ford-60, made famous in Midgets of the '40's and '50's.

Competition Flathead in progress

Modified Flathead in Progress

Stock 59-AB in progress

Stock Flathead in Progress


Check out this page for pictures and more details about these and other winning engines from NRE.

In order to serve our customers better, we think it is important that they have information available which will help them fully understand and evaluate engines, compare the claims of various builders, and make sound decisions. Here are links to some subjects we think are important.

  1. Horsepower and Torque: This article explains the difference between power and torque, and explains how power depends on both torque and RPM.
  2. Converting Fuel Into Horsepower: This article explains how engines convert fuel energy into mechanical energy, and the inherent limitations of that conversion, along with a yardstick (BSFC) to evaluate the claims of engine builders.
  3. The Importance of Volumetric Efficiency: This article presents the concepts defining the efficiency of an engine's air-pumping capability, and how mass airflow is the critical determinant of engine performance.
  4. The Major Yardstick of Performance: This article explains BMEP, one of the fundamental yardsticks of engine performance, and how to use it in evaluating the reasonableness of horsepower claims.
  5. Engine Comparison Tools: This article summarizes the evaluation and comparison tools described in the preceding sections, and introduces a new parameter (Engine Performance Coefficient) for comparing the performance of diverse engines