Nutter Racing Engines live in the winner's circleFor over 35 years, we have been developing and building winning engines for major segments of motor racing, including NASCAR, Pacific Northwest Circle Track racing, NHRA Drags (several national records and titles), Sprinters, Modifieds, Road Racing and APBA Hydroplanes.

Unlike many engine builders, our dynos are calibrated for reality, instead of producing impressive-but-fictional numbers. Our engines consistently outperform those from other builders, both on the track and on OUR dynos.

NASCAR Champion Greg Biffle started his racing career in a car we built, and we provided all his race engines during his stellar rise, until he signed with the Roush Racing NASCAR Team in 1998.

We congratulate Greg, who has achieved 17 wins in the immensely-competitive NASCAR Cup series (as of April, 2012). Greg also finished 2nd in the 2005 NASCAR Cup Championship, 3rd in the 2008 NASCAR Cup Championship, won the Championship in the 2002 NASCAR Busch Series as well as the Championship in the 2000 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, and won Rookie of the Year in his first year in the NASCAR Truck Series.

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Nutter Racing Engine ControlsThe salvage yards are now teeming with Gen-3 Chrysler "Hemi" engines, making them ever-more attractive for engine swaps. However, up until now, if the builder wanted to retain the drivability improvements and reduction of emissions that computer controls have made possible, he was limited to (a) the user-hostile Chrysler ECU, or (b) an expensive aftermarket ECU.

In response to this known problem, NRE has developed hardware and methodology which enablesthe simple replacement of the Chrysler ECU and associated components with the Delphi ECU and supporting hardware and electronics, which enhances the control modes available for the Hemi engine, allows comprehensive performance improvements to the basic “Hemi” engine, and doesn't require you to sell your house to pay for it.

We have named this system the “Hemitronix”. CLICK HERE for more info.


Nutter Racing Engines Oil Pumps During our 35+ years of building winning race engines, we have often been dismayed by the high cost and inconsistent performance of the dry sump oil pumps we have purchased.

To fix that problem, we worked with a successful engineering shop and with specialty-materials suppliers to design, develop and manufacture our own line of high-performance, high-quality dry sump pumps.

We acquired the machinery to manufacture all the major components in-house, and we now offer those pumps, with all the high-performance features and quality found in other more expensive pumps, at the lowest prices ever seen.

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